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The Next Generation Urinary Management System

BioFlo, LLC. offers innovative product solutions designed to provide improved healthcare benefits, enhanced freedom and mobility and reduced healthcare costs. We offer value-oriented programs with targeted solutions providing potentially better outcomes to your patient. Through clinical expertise, product training, clinical education and in-service training we will help you provide effective and efficient patient care.

The BioFlo Urinary Management System is revolutionary in its design and advancement of the state of urinary catheterization. Designed to be attached to an indwelling catheter (e.g. "Foley", urethral catheter or suprapubic catheter). The BioFlo AutoValve includes a luer lock sampling and irrigation port to eliminate the risk of needle sticks and infection.

All BioFlo Urinary Management products feature the BioFlo Quick Disconnect allowing faster and easier attachment and detachment of BioFlo collection bags. The Quick Disconnect eliminates difficult collection bag changes, accidental spillage and unnecessary trauma resulting from trapped or pulled collection bags during user movement or relocation.

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Regain Freedom and Dignity

Offering freedom of movement, a more discreet and convenient method of managing bladder function, with the peace of mind that comes from quick, trauma-free bag changes.

Occurrence of Urinary Tract Infections

CDC's basic prevention strategies and their specific recommendations (IB) states to maintain a closed drainage system when trying to prevent CAUTI.

Value-Oriented Programs

Through our clinical expertise, education and in-service product training we will help you provide effective and efficient patient care to potentially deliver positive results for your patients.

The BioFlo AutoValve

The BioFlo AutoValve is designed to regulate the flow of urine between two detachable housings maintaining a closed system and allowing for the cyclical emptying of the bladder. The BioFlo AutoValve is meant to be inserted between any indwelling or suprapubic catheter and the drainage bag to maintain a closed urinary system even during cleaning and disconnection of the bag.

The BioFlo AutoValve is typically connected to a urine bag and indwelling catheter, which, has a high risk of nosocomial infection due to prolong use allowing for microbial colonization and invasion1 in the home, clinic, hospital, etc. Closed systems are the standard of care and can potentially reduce the risk of infection.2,3 When the housings are separated; the liquid can no longer pass through, maintains a closed system, increase patient movement and quality of life.

A closed urinary drainage system is an aseptic system in which the path from the catheter in the bladder to the drainage bag is closed and free from bacteria. The closed system is designed to eliminate the spread of bacteria in the urinary tract. Unfortunately, current solutions do not account for the constant need to break this system for emptying and disconnecting the drainage bag and allows for pathogens to enter the system. The BioFlo AutoValve consists of an automated release mechanism consisting of magnetic elements, plunger and spring used to cycle the flow of liquid through the vessel.

This unique and innovative design allows for the catheter and bag to be disconnected with the BioFlo AutoValve and maintain a closed system. The BioFlo AutoValve also allows for patient movement and transfer without being connected to the bag resulting in potential reduction of spillage and cross contamination.

The BioFlo AutoValve improves clinical care by:

  • Potentially reducing CAUTI (HAI)
  • Increased patient experience through independence and freedom
  • Increased effectiveness of care by overall reduction in CAUTI
  • Reduce trauma while moving patients

The CDC and the APIC both state that, "the disconnection of the drainage system is a risk factor for CAUTI infection." BioFlo is the only urinary management system which maintains a closed system even when detached.

The patient population served by the BioFlo AutoValve is any patient on an indwelling or suprapubic catheter in any clinical setting from hospital to home.

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What is Cauti?
Antibiotic Stewardship
The BioFlo AutoValve

What is CAUTI?

Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infection

Patients develop CAUTI each year 4
Deaths each Year Associated with a UTI 5
Increase Length of Stay in Days 6
$400-500 Million
National Increase of Healthcare Cost 7

A catheter-associated urinary tract infection is a Urinary Tract Infection in a patient who had an indwelling urinary catheter in place at the time of or within 48 hours prior to infection onset. 8

Sources of CAUTI


A catheter-associated urinary tract infection (CAUTI) occurs when pathogens enter the urinary tract. CAUTIs have been associated with increased morbidity, mortality, healthcare costs, and length of stay. 9,10,11,12

What Causes a CAUTI?

Bacteria or fungi may enter your urinary tract via the catheter. There they can multiply, causing an infection.

There are a number of ways infection can occur during catheterization. For example:

  • the catheter may become contaminated upon insertion
  • the drainage bag may not be emptied often enough
  • bacteria from a bowel movement may get on the catheter
  • urine in the catheter bag may flow backward into the bladder
  • the catheter may not be regularly cleaned


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